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2004 Ford GT CP-1

ADDED: November 14, 2022
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Seller Note
2004 FORD GT PROTOTYPE CP-1 Champion Motors International is proud to present a piece of automotive history with known provenance that cannot be duplicated. Of special interest to Ford enthusiasts, CP-1, or Confirmation Prototype 1, is the first fully-functional Ford GT prototype built in 2003 as part of the development phase of Fords highly anticipated tribute to its Le Mans-winning GT40 racecar from the 1960s. The preceding red, white and blue centennial prototypes were non-runners, built for exhibition only. They currently reside in the Ford Museum. This car, with VIN 004, was the first prototype fitted with a full drivetrain and interior. CP-1 is offered with factory build sheets and documentation, and remains fitted with test connections and monitoring equipment used in road and Emissions Certification testing. While the true mileage is unknown, the car is known to have been evaluated on the road and dyno and includes an engine hour meter. CP-1 is an important piece of Ford history. The car is autographed by thirteen members of the original GT design team including Carroll Shelby, Bill Ford, GT Chief Designer Camillo Pardo, GT Chief Design Engineer Fred Goodnow, and many more. In 2008, CP-1 was purchased from Ford by a respected GT collector and author of the definitive book on the reborn Ford GT. CP1's unbelievable originality is perhaps what makes the car so tantalizing to Ford enthusiasts. The body and engine compartment feature an array of non-standard components and many design features that are exclusive to this prototype and never part of final production. The airbags are Mustang components, the steering column from a Ford Windstar; the cool silver trim rings on the seats didn't make it to production, the striking Camillo designed all-aluminum headliner was replaced in production by a more traditional sound-padded roof, and a note scrawled in magic marker on the center console ominously instructs test drivers to "push red button to start" the rear-mounted V-8 engine. On the exterior, the right rear quarter panel features two quick release valves connected to the fuel tank. The valves aid in swift changes of fuel grades, and extending beyond the rear bumper is a set of experimental exhaust pipes connected by a "sniffer pipe" which helped engineers determine accurate emissions output during the testing phase. The engine compartment on CP1 is fitted with a carbon fiber rear clamshell that dramatically reduced curb weight. However, when Ford execs learned that each clamshell would cost approximately $45,000 to produce, the idea was scrapped in favor of a more traditional, and far less expensive, aluminum tub. The motor has a prominent black supercharger and valve covers, which were replaced in production by a silver blower and traditional Ford Blue valve covers. While CP1 has a fully functional powertrain, and the car has a 17-digit VIN, prior to the sale in 2008 Ford engineers installed a chip in the engine to limit top speed to 5 mph. The car is sold on a bill of sale.