$105 000


ADDED: October 24, 2023
Car Details
Category Race Car
Type Supercar & Time attack
Year 2008
Mileage N/A
Transmission Sequential
Stock id 4787
Seller Note
For inquiries, please contact the owner, Tim Kezman at: timkezman@gmail.com

This BMW M3 E92 was built by Fall-Line Motorsports in November of 2008.

In July of 2020, the car was rebuilt by Fall-Line Motorsports to compete in Touring 1. This E92 built is very competitive in T1; its sister car won the T1 runoffs in 2019 and 2020, while this car finished second place in the 2020 runoffs.

The motor, an S-65 4.0L V8 with a dry sump. was newly race-built for this car by Herbert Performance. It produces approximately 420 hp and 310lbft of torque to the rear wheels. Since July 2020, the car has competed in 6 SCCA events.

The fuel cell was built by Fuel Safe Systems and is valid until April 2025.

Additionally, the car comes with a spares bin of parts. List of these parts can been found in the photos.

For inquires please contact matt