Advice against scams

To help you protect yourself from expensive disappointments, we describe the most typical cases to stay away from and we recommend reading the Anti-scam Guide for buying and selling a used car, available on

Phishing: it is the attempt to take possession of the personal codes of the user asking him to confirm his data. Remember that never sends emails with a link to the login page. In all cases where this happens it is a phishing attempt: trash the email or contact Customer Service in case of doubt.

For those who put a car up for sale:
It is possible that they contact you mainly from abroad (in recent times in particular from African states such as the Ivory Coast) and propose you to buy your car without even asking to view the vehicle. You will be asked for some data and documents, bank details or mailing address. This for sending, by check or bank transfer to your current account, a sum greater than the price of your car. Once the money is received, you will be asked to refund the difference through Western Union or other money transfer services, generally with the excuse of covering transportation or taxes imposed by the state on capital movements.

Do not send any data or documents, yours or the car. It’s definitely a scam.

In the case of a foreign bank transfer, it will take around 20/30 days for the bank to verify the effective coverage and then collect the money, which in the end will not be possible.

In the event of a check, after the time necessary for the Bank to carry out the accounting checks, it will be discovered or registered to an account holder who has been wrongly stolen and you will not collect it.

If you have initiated a negotiation that includes one of the two cases listed above, advise your bank not to accept the foreign transfer “on arrival” and go to the nearest Postal Police office with all the material concerning the transaction to file a complaint.

In general:

  • Do not carry out negotiations for which you are offered “too” economically convenient proposals and for which you avoid a personal meeting to view the car; do not send money in advance as a difference to the proposed transaction if you are not absolutely certain that after the 30 days, the bank has actually verified both the currency and the availability of the money.
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