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Classic & Historic Race Car Used

ADDED: November 14, 2022
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Category Race Car
Type Classic & Historic Race Car
Year 1956
Mileage N/A
Transmission Manual
Stock id 2952
Seller Note
Vintage Racer with the original Tar Babe chassis This original 1956 Oval window Championship winning VW Beetle Vintage Road Racer is an Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Camaros & Mustangs eater!! It has the original Tar Babe chassis(famous VW drag race car), you can call Ron Fleming to verify this info! The body has not rust and never been wrecked and is painted with Lexus Pearl white paint. The extra wide fenders are fiberglass to accommodate the BBS 3 piece wheels and still look stock. It is powered by a highly modified and sophisticated Type 3 VW engine capable of produce 192 HP @ 7,200 RPM with 2 40mm Weber carburetors and can produce 220HP IF 48mm WEBER IDA carburetors are installed. No money has been spared while building this engine! In the 1980's with this kind of power we won the VW event Bug-IN 13 in California! We also beated 1966 427 Cobra in the1/4 mile! The case has been modified to accept type IV main bearings and oil squirters like Porsche 911 engines. The crankshaft is a Gene Berg, counterweighted, large dowel pins and tappered to match flywheel to prevent from turning with special pressure plate and ceramic clutch disc. It is equipped with a special high flow oil pump using aircraft lines, a extra deep aluminum oil sump and windage tray. Carillo rods, Okrasa 90mm Slipper skirt pistons with Nicasil coated aluminum cylinders and lightweight pins. The pistons are drilled for gas ports. The heads and the manifolds have been welded to increase port size and flow, A special Engle cam moves the Titanium valves and retainers, with original EMPI rockers with Gene Berg shafts and Porsche adjusting screws. 3/8" lightweight pushrods. A special Porsche look alike fan housing made in Germany to accommodate a Porsche 911 alternator For ignition, it uses the same MOTEC engine mangement system that the Vipers used when they won the 24 hours of Daytona with more than 250 timing adjustments, that could be made from the driver's seat. For suspension and brakes: It has custom made shocks for valving and size on the 4 corners and stops on a dime thanks that it is fitted with 912 Porsche disc brakes with drilled rotors on the front and 914- 6 Porsche disc brakes with drilled rotors on the rear. The transmission is a beefed up 4 speed with limited slip differential with custom made helicoidal 1st & 2nd gears. A Sparco red seat and a quick fill fuel cell. And a custom made aluminum rear spoiler This beetle runs, turns and stops in a dime, it is a very fast toy that is a joy to drive!! Please contact 210-304-0293 The car has been in storage for last 15 years, so, all the fluids and lubricants will be replaced, gas tank, fuel line and carburetors serviced, whatever needs to be done prior to delivery at no extra cost to the buyer!