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TRIUMPH TR6 – 1969 – Multi-year Class winner “CP”

ADDED: March 04, 2024
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Category Race Car
Type Classic & Historic Race Car
Year 1969
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History of 1969 TR6 #44

Car was built around 1986 by Scott Gibbons of Mercer Island. Unsure of the early history, but was on the cover of the November 1987 Palm Springs GP III. The car was entered in the 1st PNW Historics in 1989 and had won its class. At that time it was owned by Dave Freiboth.

The car sat for several years until purchased from Ted Boscovitch in 1999. The car was mechanically restored at that time with the body being lifted off and work done to the chassis. The car was repainted in 2004, at which time several modifacations were done, closing up the window channels on the doors, closing up the windshield mount holes, installing a dash pad, returning the original trim to the car. The car was built to C Production vintage race specs using mostly original parts.

The car was prepared to C production specs, but was running with Weber carbs which weren’t homolgated at that time. It ran 1 year with the triple Weber carb set-up. The car had several types of twin carbs run on it until it was modified to run on petrol injection.

The car ran on P.I. for several years, very successfully. The car then was changed to run on triple Stromberg carbs and performed fairly well with that set-up. The car has been returned to the Weber carb set up, that was originally purchased with the car. The original block and head is now back in the car.

The car has a close ratio Triumph gearbox, a Trans-X LSD 3.70 rear differential, and Corvair axel stubs, a period correct upgrade to the stock axels. Chassis has been reinforced at the rack mounts, front lower A-arm mounts, custom roll bar mounts, mimicing the body mounts, gussets at the frame near the swing arm mounts, reinforced rear differential mounts, and strengtened shock mount crossmember.

The front suspension has been modified to lower with use of standard sport springs, has anti-sway bar and adjustable Gaz shocks, and quick steering rack with solid mounts. The stub axels have been modified to extra thick diameter and the hubs have been replaced with aluminum units.

The rear suspension uses Triumph Sport springs, adjustable camber swing arm mounts, adjustable Armstrong shocks (modified by World Wide Auto Parts) and an adjustable rear anti-sway bar. All the bushings have been upgraded to a poly type or solid mounts.

The brakes use stock master cylinder and booster, incorporate copper-nickel lines and ss flex hoses, stock front calipers which feature copper heat sinks between the piston and the pads as well as air ducting from the front apron, pads are Porterfield R-4. The rear have been upgraded to 7/8” wheel cylinders, Porterfield R-4 relined shoes and finned aluminum drums.

The engine features a steel billet crankshaft which is 8 lbs lighter than stock, has bell shaped counter weights (12) and dummy main bearings and easily revs to 7k rpm. The current cam is a D9 by Delta cams, with a Vernier timing gear, 2 piece timing cover for adjusting cam timing. The head is a stage3 modifacation by Progressive Automotive which is about a 12:1 cr. It has 1.65:1 roller rocker arms with TR5 double valve springs. The engine wears a cast aluminum finned oil pan by Bastuck and a lightweight steel flywheel by Cambridge and has been modified to fit a Tilton 7 ¼” clutch with a custom throw-out bearing. The oil filter is a spin on type with an oil cooler with SS hoses. Car has a Fuel Safe bladder installed in a stock TR6 tank shell, double ender fuel pump and swirl tank.

The car was featured in the June 2009 issue of Triumph World and has been shown on the cover of the Vintage Drift (SOVREN magazine) and other local publications several times. The car has taken 6 first place, 3 second place, and 3 third place class wins in the 20 years it ran in SOVREN.

Several of the modifications and upgrades were guided by Kas Kastener, who was very supportive of using the PI setup.

Spares include: 4.10 Trans-X diff, 4-speed tranny, SU carbs & manifold, extra cam, set of wheels w/Hoosier H2O tires, extra bonnet (not lightened), and misc extra parts.